Call to learn more or to schedule an introductory session: (848) 297-0316.

Optional CFILC Membership

An optional Chin Family I Liq Chuan (CFILC) Membership Association fee is $60 dollars, renewable annually. The benefit is that you become officially recognized by the ILC worldwide community as a member, receive discounts on seminars, and are provided oversight and ranking by senior instructors and the lineage holder of the system, Grand Master Sam F.S. Chin (see

Regular classes are held at my personal training space in Hood River, currently Monday and Thursday from 6-8 pm.

Please contact me at (848) 297-0316 if you are interested in attending. It’s one of those Google number redirects, so if it acts funny, you’ll know why. If I don’t get back to you, I probably didn’t get your message, so try using the contact form on the website.

Classes cover foundational basic exercises, neigong exercises, form training and partner drills to build and condition a connected body. Students who demonstrate a desire to progress quickly may be invited to an advanced studies class.

Class Fees

$25 – two week introduction (includes one private session)

$120 – three month trial period paid up front (includes a t-shirt)

$65/month thereafter ($50/month with automatic deposit; first month includes a free System Guide)