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Zhong Xin Dao :: I Liq Chuan

Welcome to the Martial Art of Awareness, officially known as I Liq Chuan, located in Hood River, Oregon.

I-Liq Chuan (意力拳) is an internal Chinese martial art (much like Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang) based on Zen (禪) and tai chi (太極) principles. It was developed in Malaysia based on several Chinese and Hakka martial arts. It emphasizes training both the mind and the physical body.

I liq Chuan (literally translated as “mind-body fist” or alternatively “mental-physical boxing”) is an internal art known for its combative effectiveness as well as for its health benefits. I-Liq Chuan (ILC) is often referred to as the “Martial Art of Awareness” due to its emphasis on mindfulness training as the foundation for achieving martial skill. The practice of I Liq Chuan develops the ability to react spontaneously to attacks, not relying upon prearranged responses, through its specialized training methodology.

The old martial arts masters of China developed the skills to train both their minds and bodies for tremendous levels of internal power, but they were very secretive and often unwilling or unable to pass on their incredible skills.
What sets this martial art apart from others is the current Grand Masters willingness to share all of the so called secrets with a modern training curriculum. It was developed in English from the ground up to impart the highest levels of internal martial arts skills in a simple and yet very profound way.
As the name implies, the art stresses mental and physical awareness so you develop a direct link to the conditions. From this present moment perspective, you merge with the nature of things as they are vs. reacting based on past programming. In a very real way, it is a pure mindfulness practice, but leading to very practical martial applications.

Benefits of Practicing I Liq Chuan

How We Train

Focus is on you—reaching your full potential for martial ability and mental clarity. We promote a relaxing and non-threatening environment. We practice through self-observance exercises along with non-aggressive partner training. 

The martial art of awareness uses a systematic training curriculum built upon a proper mental foundation (Philosophy, Concept, and Principles) to achieve practical internal martial ability much faster than traditional training techniques.

Come and check us out to see if we are a good fit.

Benefits of Practicing I Liq Chuan

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